New Products
Products Series
· Elevator Door Series
· Traction Machine Series
· Cabin Series
· Safety Components Series
Products Certificate
· Type Examination Certificate
· CCC Certification
· CE Certification
Company Honours
AB06 Switch
AQQ125-01 Progreeive safety geer
HYF80 Hydraulic buffer
HYF175 Hydraulic buffer
HYF275 Hydraulic buffer
MKG161-01 Door locking device
MKG161-09 Door locking device
MKG161-10 Door locking device
WYJ103-02 Traction machine
WYJ103-04 Traction machine
XSQ115-13 Over speed govemor
XSQ115-12 Over speed govemor
XSQ115-02 Over speed govemor
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